Sunday, August 26, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Per my last update, the IRS was supposed to contact me by August 23rd with an update from my case worker on the current status of my refund issue.

Naturally... no dice.

Thus, I called the IRS on Friday to diligently follow-up and determine my next course of action - or rather, inaction.

You can imagine my surprise when I was connected with a very pleasant and helpful customer service rep (Mrs. Patron, Cust Svc #0678121).  She was able to clarify a few issues on my case, and FINALLY delivered some happy news (although we'll see if it actually pans out!):

1) I was never assigned a case worker. I was a bit peeved to learn this, however, she informed me that the previous rep I talked to was not providing accurate information, and while I was in the window for a customer service rep to be assigned, my case was actually in the process of being resolved vice just investigated.

2) The fraudulent return is currently in the process of being actively deleted from my account. The have verified my information from my affidavit and my previous claim history.

3) My tax return in being processed, and is in the 6-8 week window for normal processing of paper-filed claims. Mrs Patron indicated that if I have not received my return by September 21st, I need to contact the IRS again.

4) My account is flagged and will be monitored for another 3 years.  Ultimately, my thought is that they SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THE FRAUDULENT RETURN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Since my information has been verified, all future returns will be placed on hold, a confirmation letter will be sent to my home address, and I must return this notice to identify if I indeed filed a return on XX day, for XX $$$.

I asked about having an additional tax identifier or pin number issued for future returns, and the IRS said "no". I'm not sure I believe that part, and it deserves some additional research. But overall I'm happy with this idea of multi-layer confirmation that my return is in fact being filed by me, myself, and I.

I guess I'm not putting too much faith in this process. Its great to have positive news... but until I have my tax return in hand, I'll question everything, take notes, and report my experience. Its hard to take the word of an agency that has already botched the tax fraud issue so poorly!

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