Saturday, September 8, 2012

Class action lawsuit alive and well...

The lawyer I contacted earlier in the year is still fighting for the little guy. Awesome.

7 Sep 2012
Tampa Bay Online
ID fraud victims, IRS face off
Clearwater lawyer Jim Staack may have found a way for frustrated identity theft victims to get their overdue tax refunds: Sue the IRS.

Last year, Staack represented James and Christine Gordon in their effort to pursue a class action on behalf of identity theft victims who were unable to obtain their rightful tax refunds. The Gordons got their refund 12 days after the suit was filed.

Then Staack added Crystal Lake as a plaintiff in the case. Twelve days later, she got her refund.
The Internal Revenue Service then filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing it was moot because the plaintiffs had gotten the relief they sought.

Staack tried to add more names to another amended complaint, but U.S. District Judge James Moody wouldn't allow it. He granted an IRS motion and dismissed the suit in June. Because the Gordons and Lake had received their refunds, the judge ruled, they no longer had the right to pursue a claim.
Now Staack is suing the IRS again. This time, he has 16 named plaintiffs. One, Patricia Carey, has been waiting 4½ years for her refund.


Way to go IRS - you really f*#^ed it up this time

Oh yes... the IRS in all of its infinite wisdom has again stuck it to the honest taxpayer.

I will admit that I was a bit giddy when I received an envelope from the IRS this afternoon. I was thinking "wow, is it possible this tax fraud issue ACTUALLY worked out for someone?"

In short - NO.


And again.... HELL NO.

I opened my IRS notice today, only to find a letter stating:

"We made the changes you requested to your 2011 Form 1040 to adjust your:
- total Federal income tax withheld
- Schedule A

As a result you owe $6,767.53"

Folks... WTF.

I have no issue posting that number publicly, because this is significantly more than double what I was DUE AS A REFUND.

Oh, and did I mention this random $6,767.53 is due by October 8th? Yeah, yippy skippy.

I  contacted Tanya Arja (who conducted my on-camera interview earlier in the year). I am sending a certified letter of appeal to the IRS on Monday, and contacting the offices of Congresswoman Kathy Castor and Senator Bill Nelson.

Dear IRS, the three-lettered-agency-from-hell and the bane of every tax fraud victim's existence... I have two letters you can become more intimately familiar with: F. U.