Saturday, September 8, 2012

Way to go IRS - you really f*#^ed it up this time

Oh yes... the IRS in all of its infinite wisdom has again stuck it to the honest taxpayer.

I will admit that I was a bit giddy when I received an envelope from the IRS this afternoon. I was thinking "wow, is it possible this tax fraud issue ACTUALLY worked out for someone?"

In short - NO.


And again.... HELL NO.

I opened my IRS notice today, only to find a letter stating:

"We made the changes you requested to your 2011 Form 1040 to adjust your:
- total Federal income tax withheld
- Schedule A

As a result you owe $6,767.53"

Folks... WTF.

I have no issue posting that number publicly, because this is significantly more than double what I was DUE AS A REFUND.

Oh, and did I mention this random $6,767.53 is due by October 8th? Yeah, yippy skippy.

I  contacted Tanya Arja (who conducted my on-camera interview earlier in the year). I am sending a certified letter of appeal to the IRS on Monday, and contacting the offices of Congresswoman Kathy Castor and Senator Bill Nelson.

Dear IRS, the three-lettered-agency-from-hell and the bane of every tax fraud victim's existence... I have two letters you can become more intimately familiar with: F. U.

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