Monday, April 16, 2012

See my interview on Fox 13

Interview finally aired on Fox 13.

Woo buddy, I need to put the cheeseburgers down after deployment!

For the record, I don't have high hopes that I'll see my return, but this type crime is so complicated and complex that our own laws that in place to protect us as taxpayers gets in the way of smooth collaboration between local and federal law enforcement.  Its unfortunate, but there's just no way our system will work through this quick enough to see my return come through in year or less.

In other news... 
12 April 2012, The Ledger: Tax Refund Finally Arrives for Widow of Slain Officer Whose Identity Was Stolen

This poor woman had to deal with this issue for TWO YEARS, in addition to the pain of losing her husband.  I'm thankful that the government was able to finally intervene and this fallen officer's family.

 Timeline Update

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