Monday, April 9, 2012

Will the IRS begin to "play nice" with local law enforcement in Tampa?

07 April 2012, Pilot program targeting tax fraud progresses

"Authorities are moving forward with a plan to allow the IRS to share some information with law enforcement agencies investigating tax refund fraud.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officials met on Thursday with the Internal Revenue Service to talk about a proposed pilot program in which the IRS would seek waivers from identity theft victims to allow the federal government to share fraudulent tax returns filed in their names."

On another note... over the weekend I was "introduced" via phone call to another military member experiencing the same tax fraud hell.  It's really becoming difficult to stomach the lengths at which people will go to take money from hard working Americans, who are not only taxpayers but individuals willing to give up personal freedoms (and perhaps their lives!) in order to provide the very blanket of security these criminals hide under. They should add extra time to each criminal's prison sentence for every military member they stole from...

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